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Googlism for: rdf

rdf is more than xml
rdf is not enough
rdf is metadata
rdf is very flexible
rdf is the latest acronym to add to your list
rdf is and where it came from
rdf is not
rdf is built for the web
rdf is metadata rdf is the result of a number of metadata communities
rdf is a graph
rdf is 'hard'
rdf is "behind the curtain" type of stuff
rdf is
rdf is currently used for semantically
rdf is doa for digital library work
rdf is significant; there are not a large number of mature rdf tools out there
rdf is knowledge representation applied to information management from the perspective of machines
rdf is given below
rdf is a convenient method to represent ifla frbr information
rdf is a prospective metadata framework for describing the web resources supported by w3c
rdf is a specification currently being developed to support the definition of metadata across the web
rdf is important to consider for ceos activtities
rdf is based on web technologies and
rdf is indeed much more appropriate at the data provider level in which case we should reconsider some of our
rdf is a
rdf is easy to read/understand
rdf is data
rdf is a simple set of architectural elements which you can use as the basis for a dtd to describe resources
rdf is a way of describing and accessing data
rdf is not my creation
rdf is similar to defining an alternative rdf schema specification
rdf is designed to provide an infrastructure supporting meta data across many www
rdf is stupid
rdf is a relatively new framework for metadata interoperability devised by the world wide web consortium
rdf is intended to take on the role of the
rdf is also not xml
rdf is a w3c recommendation
rdf is a language designed to support the semantic web
rdf is the resource description format
rdf is indeed a standard for describing metadata
rdf is sensible
rdf is really much more than a set of xml tags
rdf is currently a w3c working draft
rdf is complicated to write
rdf is for knowledge representation
rdf is good stuff
rdf is proposed
rdf is the salvant for
rdf is based on a directed labelled graph
rdf is one of the 1 st applications of xml to ship
rdf is about…
rdf is a graph description language implemented in extensible markup language or xml
rdf is a metadata facility
rdf is a language of knowledge
rdf is a blend of both microsoft's xml
rdf is in charge of this
rdf is no longer an option for rss
rdf is the leading example of the benefit that comes once the data format has
rdf is to provide the po with information in a timely manner concerning any delay in the contract delivery schedule
rdf is a w3c standard and rss is based on rdf
rdf is a tool to describe relationships between elementnames to a higher level of complexity than xml well formed
rdf is james tauber and daniel krech's redfoot
rdf is coming
rdf is to define a mechanism for describing resources
rdf is metametadata
rdf is just another model for metadata
rdf is the world wide web consortium's answer to the problem of how to provide machine
rdf is a datastructuring language
rdf is thread title
rdf is to store information about on
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